Monday, May 31, 2010

A Reason to Celebrate (Part 1)

With Jonathan's help, our good friends, Sona and Jeff, tied the knot yesterday. And what a day it was! This was the first wedding that Jonathan officiated which would have been memorable on its own, but for it to be the wedding of such a dear friend . . . that was truly special. Sona and Jonathan became friends when he moved to Washington in 2000 and they have seen each other through the ups and downs of life as single, thirty somethings making their way in the world. Sona was the first of Jonathan's friends that I met in DC and she paved the way for "Jonathan's friends" to become more than that to me...they (and she) became my friends. We had the pleasure of getting to know Jeff while we were still living in DC and could not have been more excited to share in their joy on this wonderful day. The wedding weekend included the rehearsal, the Henna party (no boys allowed, except for one who promised not to tell), lunch for the other boys on the Potomac, the rehearsal dinner and the main event. Here is the bride-to-be with A at the rehearsal dinner - she's showing off her beautiful Henna hand.

I've posted the entire ceremony (split into two parts) for those who would like to watch it. It lasts about 15 minutes. Sona looks absolutely radiant, Jeff looks smitten, Jonathan looks very at home, and Anderson...well you'll notice that you don't even hear a peep from our little guy! Following the ceremony, we caught up with old friends but there was just not enough time. As you can see, the morning after was as tough for A as it was for us! Another trip to our nation's capital is a must!

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