Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas in Salisbury and then hosted our 2nd annual Start the New Year Off Wright open house in Nashville. We spent Christmas Eve with the Wrights - always a a good time. Although Cheryl, Ken, and Elias couldn't be there in person, we all got to wish them good tidings via webcam. Clearly Weston had a good time and we were grateful that Granddaddy Carl Wright was able to get in on the fun.

Following dinner, some caroling and a board game, we left the Wrights and went to midnight mass with my mom and dad in Salisbury's brand new Catholic church. We got there very early as this was the first Christmas mass since the church was dedicated earlier in December. It was pretty warm in the chapel and the altar boys were extra generous with the incense, which all must have contributed to Mom's "not feeling so well." She "done fell out" in the middle of communion! Thankfully Dr. Dave and several EMTs and nurses in the congregation came to her aid as she was laid down on the beautiful new wooden pew with her feet up. When she regained consciousness, I felt much better and fortunately she was able to walk down the aisle (in front of the packed house of about 800 people) into the vestibule on her own two feet. The priest wasn't phased...
Brookie and Jeff arrived in Salisbury on Christmas morning and surprised us all with Jack's new t-shirt. Our baby will have another cousin on Sept. 1st - just two days before Jack's birthday! The Skowroneks had a wonderful day - opening presents and watching Jack sweep and mop everything in sight. Jonathan and I left in the early evening to join the annual Butts family Christmas at his Aunt Karolyn and Uncle Gary's home in Winston. Another wonderful holiday - full of good times with family and amazingly relaxing.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

2nd Annual Holiday Ordway POP (Dec 09)

For the second year, our neighbors kicked off the holidays with a fun-filled progressive dinner. This year, the dessert course also gave us a chance to show off our musical talents with Rock Band - one of THE most incredible party games! When you live in Music City it clearly permeates everything!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

West Rowan High School Class of '89 Celebrates 20 years (Nov 2009)

For nearly a year, Jonathan and some of his classmates have been planning their 20th high school reunion - where has the time gone?! The big event took place over Thanksgiving weekend and was a resounding success. Nearly 100 members of the Class of 1989 and their significant others came together to reflect on old memories and create new ones. Jill and Jonathan even took home the Honeymoon Award for the most recent marriage. This was good fun for Jonathan but as much fun for Jill who is also friends with many of these fabulous folks. The evening certainly proved that the more things change, the more things stay the same.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Babymoon in the Cumberland Plateau, TN (October 2009)

Jonathan's Fall Break gave us a chance to enjoy a relaxing weekend at the Fern Falls B&B in the Cumberland Plateau. We hiked to see these falls, had dinner near the lovely Sewanee campus, roasted marshmallows with our innkeeper, and read on the tranquil stone patio surrounded by the colors of fall and the sounds of the falls below.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sunshine and Stina in Glacier (Aug 09)

Although traveling for a living has its challenges, it also gives me incredible opportunity to catch up with old friends. In August, I visited with our alumni in Montana and spent the weekend with my freshman roomie - Christina - in Whitefish. I also got to meet her fabulous hubby, John, and despite my best efforts of keeping my "secret," I eventually spilled the beans about my delicate "condition." There are only so many times a girl can turn down a glass of wine before the question will be asked :) What an amazing part of the country! Here we are at Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park on a spectacular Montana summer day.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carolina Boys (March 2009)

We've got such wonderful nephews - Elias and Jack - and we're eager to introduce them to their new cousin. These pictures are from Brooke, Mom and Baby Jack's visit last spring during March Madness. Even the most loyal Deacon has to admit that these Tarheels are pretty darn cute.
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