Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ordway Outdoors

It's no secret that my dear husband loves the outdoors.  And although A's tantrums are no fun, I think J derives secret pleasure when our older son's tears come as a result of having to go inside.  So, it's no surprise that J has been eager to take the family camping for some time.  And this past weekend, it happened...and we all survived!
A-camping we will go

If you click on the picture here you'll see an album from our adventure.  We were joined by two other families who were glad to make camping a group activity.  J was in his glory in the week prior to the big event as he made his list, checked it twice, and loaded the van to the gills. 

On Saturday morning we headed to Tim's Ford State Park and found the last three sites grouped together.  J and A began setting up the tent while I did my best to keep the baby from digesting every rock and leaf in sight.  After a futile attempt to put the boys down for their naps in the tent, we loaded them up in the van and went for a drive.

In the meantime, our friends arrived and got set-up.  We all headed out on a hike to the "overlook" where our family took in wildlife of the venomous kind.  Amazingly, I was the first to see Mr. Copperhead warming himself on the path and managed to stay amazingly calm.  When he showed no sign of moving, we decided to walk around him - J armed with a leafy branch to ward off a strike.  Mr. C made no move and was gone when we returned.

Back at the campsite, the kids played on the playground and made the most of the dirt, leaves, and rocks around us.  We made delicious "hobo dinners" and finally, FINALLY enjoyed s'mores.  Although J chose not to deviate from the traditional Hershey's chocolate bars, he did give us the option of milk or dark chocolate...and the dark chocolate gave these fireside favorites the perfect adult touch.  And just so you know, warming the chocolate next to the fire while you toast the marshmallows make for the perfect s'more.  As you'll see - all of the kiddos were very respectful of the fire and big fans of dessert!

Shortly before bedding down for the night, a group of recent college grads rolled into the campground in their NASCAR-quality motor coach, complete with a rooftop deck.  Not surprisingly their party continued long after the quiet time began.

Despite the noise from our revelling neighbors, all of the kids eventually went to sleep and stayed asleep throughout the night.  The grown-ups enjoyed some adult drinks, conversation and a few more s'mores around the remains of the fire before turning in.

On Sunday morning, the men-folk prepared a delicious breakfast of oatmeal, pancakes, and frittatas and then we packed up and headed back home stopping through Lynchburg on our way.  A good time was had by all and we hope to make this at least an annual adventure.