Sunday, June 27, 2010

So many firsts

Anderson is FIVE months old, today (can you believe it?!) and it has been far too long since our last post. He's racked up many firsts over the last several weeks. Rather than share every last detail with you, I'll just list the highlights here and leave room for more at some future point when I have more time than I know what to do with. But first, a few updates: Jonathan's summer vacation officially kicked off this weekend as he completed his June class. He and Anderson have been having a swell time together while I'm at work and have had several playdates with some of Jonathan's classmates who are also stay-at-home dads this summer. Hopefully, Jonathan will be able to post some of the video from these get togethers, soon, that feature our charming little A. One of the little girls was so taken by him that she tried to crawl right into his carseat with him! How 'bout that?!

And now, Anderson's highlights:
* FIRST Henna party (boys aren't usually allowed, so it's extra special) for our friend Sona's wedding
* FIRST time rolling over from tummy to back (and we captured it on video for you)
* Anderson loves sitting up in the Bumbo like a big boy (thank you neighbors)
* He can hold his bottle all by himself
* There is lots of jabbering these days and on one day, Anderson focused on the "Mmmm" sound (could he be trying to say Momma?), but he hasn't done it since. We do hear "Ah-gooo" sounds, too, regularly and we just love the way his mouth forms this perfect little "O" at the end of's just precious.
* FIRST dip in the pool at Mommy's friend Kelly's house (Erin, please notice the float)
* Daddy's FIRST overnight away from us - he went to the Methodist Western Conference meeting in Asheville
* FIRST all day babysitter (our friend, Kira) - Daddy was at the conference and mommy was at work
* FIRST time in church nursery - the ladies were just fine, but this gave us a taste of how hard it's going to be to leave him at daycare all day, every day
* 4 month doctor visit: 14 lbs, 12 oz (38 %ile); 26" (66 %ile); 41.5 cm head circumference; he did wonderfully with his shots
* Wawa and Granddaddy visited for a couple of days, and they watched A while Mommy and Daddy went to their first concert at the historic Ryman Auditorium - Patty Griffin (singer of Heavenly Day from our wedding) and friends...FABULOUS!
* Bedtime: We've started a bedtime routine of sorts that includes some baby massage, some music, some books, and some cuddles, and Anderson is able to fall asleep in his on to tackling naps!

We've also had much to celebrate in May and June - our 3rd anniversary (May 19th), Jill's birthday (June 5th), and Jonathan's birthday (June 22nd) - and now have Mother's and Father's days to add to the mix.

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