Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Brother in Training

During our marathon road trip to North Carolina up to Washington, DC and back home to Nashville we were able to spend some quality time with family and celebrate old friends. I really enjoyed showering my dear friend, Erin, with lots of attention at her baby shower. She is expecting her first child in July and Anderson is eager to have a new playmate. We saw Sassy and Papa, Wawa and Granddaddy, Aunt Kim and Uncle Daniel, and Aunt Brooke and Cousin Jack. We just had to include this brief video of Jack posing for the camera and saying hi to "ba-by" Anderson. We think Jack is going to make one incredible big brother (in just a few months!).

Anderson also met his share of adorable older women, including Taylor (pictured here) who is Laura and Collin's little gal and Caroline, daughter of Teresa and Mark with whom we stayed in DC (thank you, thank you!). Caroline gave us a preview of what's in store for us in just a few months, and we can't wait! Lots of words, lots of steps, and lots of books! We had a wonderful time back in our old stomping grounds and while there, we caught up with many folks at a coffee shop in Alexandria. Anderson met my cousin Paul and friends Keith, Don, Karla, Lisa, and Karen. Of course, the pinnacle of our trip back to DC was the nuptials of our dear friends Sona and Jeff. I've dedicated a separate post to that.

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