Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beach Living

Anderson seems to be enjoying himself, doesn't he? For the record, I did NOT pose him for the pictures/video...he did that all by himself. That eTrade baby has nothing on our little guy! :) We're in Seagrove, FL on the Gulf Coast and thankfully there is no sign (yet) of the oil spill that occured several hundred miles from here near Louisiana a few days ago. I hope that those combatting the spill are successful, because I can't imagine the devastation that black sludge would bring to these white sand beaches. Really...the sand is blindingly white. And the water is very clear, in fact, that I saw dozens of little crabs rolling in the tide this afternoon when I walked by. I've never seen LIVE crabs in the water off the Carolinas.

Seagrove is minutes from Seaside which is where The Truman Show movie (starring Jim Carey) was filmed. We are staying in a perfect one bedroom villa which is cozy but still has ample room for all of Anderson's stuff. We can walk to Seaside which is not nearly as "Stepford" as we thought it would be. In fact, it seems pretty progressive. The architecture is varied and all of the shops and eateries are local (rather than chains like Starbucks). They even have several silver, old school Airstream trailers that are home to great food and snacks like Queen Bee Cupcakes (need I write more?), a BBQ place that touts all hormone-free meats, and a shaved ice place that manages to make ice really taste like banana pudding! Each home is brightly colored, with a picket fence and its own name, e.g. The Widdle House or Julie Got Her Way, and the names of the occupants on a sign in front. The houses are nestled amongst the thick, natural vegetation and the are is so idyllic!

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