Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Months Old

It's hard to believe that Anderson is nearly two months old, already. My how the time has flown by. Although I find myself looking forward to when we will be able to play with him and have an entire night's sleep, I'm trying not to wish away this special time when he is so young and so completely dependent on me and on us. Listening to the sounds he makes while he's nursing and his "Beavis"-like laughs while he's sound asleep are special times that we know will go by far too quickly. He's already grown so much and I surprise myself by how sad it makes me to see pictures of him taken just weeks ago when he was so small . . . our little baby is starting to look more like a little boy. :)

As he grows older, the time draws nearer for me to return to work . . . although staying at home with a baby is it's own kind of hard work! Some days it seems that asking alumni to name Vanderbilt in their estate plans or to consider making a $100,000 gift is a piece of cake compared to acting as a human buffet for a little person every two hours, but I know it is going to be a challenge to try to balance the two. Thankfully I still have several more weeks before I have to face it and an amazing partner to help us figure it all out.

Following our action-packed trip home to Salisbury, we've had pretty uneventful days at home. It seems that Anderson and I are back in synch for meals which makes both of us very happy. Anderson found his thumb for the first time late last week, although he hasn't made a habit of it, yet. He is much more alert, now, smiling more often (especially in the morning) and looking around at whatever catches his fancy. The infant acne that broke out on his sweet little face, ears, scalp, and chest has nearly cleared up and he loves to "ride his bike" - legs pumping madly while sitting in his vibrating chair (a must-have for us!). He has grown out of nearly all of his newborn clothes and is thankful for the fabulous hand-me-downs from his big cousin, Jack - here he is modeling one of Jack's shirts and is ready to hit the luau.

We've made the most of the springtime weather and our wonderful neighborhood by walking to lunch, dinner, and dessert over several days with our neighbors Sarah, Rose and Will, and Jenny, Maggie, and Mary Beth. Although Anderson fusses a bit when we first put him into his carrier, he quickly remembers that he LOVES it and is rocked to sleep as we walk. It is tricky to eat while "wearing" him and it can get quite hot, but he is so content and right now it's nice to be unencumbered by a stroller.

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