Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eating Ups and Downs

They say that the way to one's heart is through her stomach which explains our new love of Athens! We mentioned the delectable eats at Farm 255 where we ate dinner and we happened upon another fabulous restaurant the next morning called Mama's Boy. Here Jonathan enjoyed peach stuffed french toast that was out of this world and I had a yummy goat cheese, spinach, and tomato omelet with cheese grits and a huge biscuit. Well priced and truly delicious, we hated to have to leave the area with so many more restaurants to uncover. But Music City was calling. (here's a picture of our Mama's boy in front of Mama's Boy and a picture of Anderson appropriately resting on his first hotel bed where he wrangled his tired parents into letting him sleep most of the night)

We made it home just fine and are settling back into real life. Jonathan jumped right back into the swing of school - I don't know how he is able to think clearly on campus while also being super Dad at home. Sadly, Anderson and I are apparently having more difficulty adjusting. Anderson has been pretty fussy the last few days and we think that we have determined that he is not getting as much to eat as he needs. It seems that my food supply has slowed down a bit, and I don't blame our little guy for being awnry when he has a rumbly in his tumbly. I'm focusing on hydration and just started some delicious herbal remedy, so hopefully we will all be happy, soon, so that I can fill out my bracket!

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