Friday, March 12, 2010

Jack Meets Anderson

Following a wonderful visit with Erin and Ben (Erin is perfectly radiant as a mommy-to-be), we arrived in Charleston on Wednesday and introduced Baby Anderson to his cousin, Jack. At first, Jack wasn't too sure about this new little guy, but he quickly warmed too him, pointing and saying "Ba-by." All was great until Brooke cradled Anderson in her arms, and Jack went from curious cousin to surly son. The pouting lips and crocodile tears clearly stated that he did not like this new "ba-by" in his momma's arms. But a little distraction made all well.

Little does Jack know that he will soon have one of these "ba-bies" in his life 24/7 - Brookie is expecting baby #2 later this summer. She looks fabulous and she and Jeff certainly make this parenting thing look easy. Jack loves his Sassy and Papa - lighting up whenever they come in the room - and he is very polite saying "Please" and "Thank You" with his baby sign language. Amazing! He's very welcoming, saying "Hi" and waving to anyone who walks in or whoever drives by while on our walk. And his love of cleaning continues...when is he coming to Nashville?!
While in Charleston, we celebrated Brooke and Jeff's 32nd birthdays and then Sassy and Papa kept the kids - so funny to be saying this in reference to our own children! - so that Brooke, Jeff, Jonathan, and I could enjoy a nice meal at 17 North. Yum!

Anderson loves it down here where he has had the best nights of the last few weeks and seems to be the least snuffly. Sadly, he looks like our little teenager with the onset of infant acne. Our poor little guy has it all over his perfect little face and his ears. Hopefully he's getting it all out now so he doesn't have to go through it as a teen.

Tomorrow we start our trip back to Nashville by way of Athens, GA. What a wonderful week we have had!

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