Sunday, January 27, 2013

Big Boy Turns Three

New Year, new leaf.  Let's see if we can get a few more blog posts on the family site this year than last.  Shouldn't be that hard since I think we posted maybe twice in 2012.

The year has gotten off to a busy and exciting start.  Following our 5th annual "Start The Year Off Wright" party, we quickly hit some significant milestones.  After one day at home with Daddy (and several months of assistance by his teachers), Anderson said goodbye to diapers and hello to McQueen and SpiderMan underwear.  He even wears them overnight!  You'll have to ask Jonathan for his secret...or better yet, he'll have to write a book about it and then we will have loads of time to blog!!

We are so proud of our big boy and are thrilled to have only one diapered tushie in our house now. 

Mommy dove back into academia this month after more than a decade away. I started graduate school at Vanderbilt's Peabody School.  Yes, I am still working and yes, I think I may be crazy.  I'm very excited about the program, though - a masters program called Leadership and Organizational Performance - and am doing my best to take it one step at a time.  Daddy is a hero managing the kiddos on the weekends I have class and the weeknights I have group meetings.

And now to the focus of this blog - our big boy Anderson turned 3 today!  After much Skowronek/Wright discussion about best construction practices, two bed frames, four new bolts and a borrowed drill (thanks Browns!), Anderson now sleeps in a big boy bed with a very soundly attached headboard and choo choo bedding bought with a wedding gift card to Pottery Barn (thanks Koontz's!).  He LOVES his new bed and the matching chair that he immediately called his "reading chair." 
He had a music-themed birthday party yesterday with all of his grandparents, neighbors, and even a few classmates.  Not a quiet celebration, but full of "musicians" playing inflatable instruments and various noisemakers - each child even got his or her own noisemaker to take home.  Are we not the most thoughtful parents?!  Anderson loved his special drum birthday cake and we were so glad to see so many friends and family that joined in the celebration.

Finally, Anderson received his very own guitar and as you'll see on the video, he seems to be a natural.  Daddy said he got into position with the guitar all on his own, and after a few ill-attempts of trying to tell his father that he needs "that thing" while strumming the guitar, Daddy figured out that he wanted a guitar pick (like he's seen Daddy use).  So, here he is with guitar, pick, and music book playing for his appreciative brother and all of you.  Happy Birthday, dear Anderson!

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